a new way of life

Nine retail window units

alternately project or recess
from the plane of the brick facade,
recalling the themes
mentioned previously.


The design of the retail frontage is similar in scale to the existing shop fronts along the northern end of Whitcomb Street, and participates in the creation of a continuous active frontage.

Vertically articulated brick piers regularly mark the spaces between the window units.

Within the stainless steel or bespoke aluminium window frames, the glazing also projects or recesses, eschewing the ubiquitous glass surfaces with little or no articulation that characterise many retail frontages, and creating interest along this significantly enhanced retail facade.

Building Specifications

Electrical & Mechanical

Fire alarm

Temporary protection is provided. The Tenant is to provide their own permanent fire detection and alarm system. Connection to the main building system is provided.

Electrical supply and distribution

Retail units are provided with separate metered utility supplies.
Distribution boards will need to be provided by the tenant.
Electricity usage will be billed directly by the energy supplier.


No lighting provided


The ground floor retail units are shell and core.
A rooftop space provision has been made for the installation of VRF units by future tenants.
Intake and exhaust openings through the fa├žade have been coordinated to allow for the installation of mechanical extract heat recovery ventilation units by future tenants.
Capped domestic water services suitable for a standard retail unit and capped connection to the building LTHW network have been provided for future tenant connection.
Residential Units Ground Floor

Retail Units Ground Floor

The proposal contains approximately 892 m2 of retail space, which is located in the ground floor and the vaults below.

Residential Units First Floor

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